Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" ~Robin Williams

Hello, cuties! How is your spring going on? In my country it is still snowy, which sucks a bit, because though I love winter, when it lasts for 4 months, I really start missing the warmth, the sun, lying on the grass, eating 7 portions of ice - cream a day, walking on a beach at night, having a tanned sparkly skin, lightened messy wavy hair, sexy shorts and romantic dressess... Awww. Okay, but that will come later. Now I just wanted to share some springish images with you, and to share my thoughts about the awesome thing appearing in shopping centres - new collections. I don't know - is it something strange going on, or do I have problems myself, but I am truly amazed by the spring - summer collections in the shops this year! They are all so ME, and so addictable. Ahh, I want everything! Those pastel and nude colors.. Wow. Mint, Peach, Pink, Sand colors are the ones which attract me the most this season, I cannot resist. Well, but I guess I came to the end of this "article", because as usually, I have nothing much to say, just expressing the simple thoughts about simple things. So okay guys, love you, (if there is at least 1 who read this), have a warm week!

I have a tip for your good mood - at least once a day smile for an unknown person! This is just amazing trick! Tried it myself :)

By the way, next week I'm going to Milan! Maybe I'll do some shopping here, well, if not, then at least I'll party hard :)



Frida Aasen

Frida Aasen gets the Dazed & Confused magazine cover of March, 2012! I like Aasen's face, though Barbie'ish but pleasant. Her style is adorable too, isn't it?

Have a nice sunday! Don't get cold :)
            xoxo, Calista



HEY! I have just remembered I own this blog! It is a long time since the last post, but I checked the statistics of the blog and I found a surprise there! Almost 2500 viewers???!! WOW, guys! Didn't expect that, really. So I thought if somebody would like, I could renew the blog, and start updating it, this time maybe more often and also I would consider adding photos from my life also :) So what do you, guys think? If there would be at least a couple of demanders, then I would start the blog running again :)

Thanks again for the views!

 Kisses, Calista