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Good day, sweeties!

Hope you're doing great and that your days are filled up with optimism! If not, don't worry, day by day we are coming nearer the summer, so everyday you get more sun rays, which doubtlessly create a good mood :)

Nevertheless, I just stopped by here in order not to totally abandon this blog. But you know, I am soooo busy right now that it is the 4th day that I am living with only one hour of sleep each night. Damn, I cannot believe myself I am so persevering. Sometimes I feel like a zombie a little bit, but somehow I manage not to worry about that. I can give you a tip on how not to worry if you are a zombie! Just think about the near future - the weekend, the holiday, the summer and it should inspire you to work hard because you know that you will soon have a rest! Owww, summer.. I just wonder, what do you think when you hear a word ''summer"? For example me, when hearing this word, always imagine the sea in the night, the sun rays warming up the skin, Pina Colada, the sand in the hair, sparkling sun touched skin, denim shorts, friends and parties non stop, sexy bodies and emancipation.Mmmmmm.

By the way, I decided to share the song which I recently found. What is interesting, that the band is from Jerusalem. Very beautiful words, great song, you can hear it right here. Maybe it is not the song for a summer and I am out of context, but who cares.

And for the ending, I add a few random pictures.

Have a good Friday!


it would be so easy to let go, to drop into the dim brown world of mud, of water weeds fine as hair.

Song for a somber evening.

sometimes I imagine the forest as the mystical perpetual world of great trees as the ones in the fairy tales. Sometimes I imagine that everything is of so great power. A human is extraneous, who inerferes to a marvelous melody of world's harmony.

sleepless Calista.


Wish list for spring/summer 2011

What a great day, isn't it? Today I am leaving to the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius.. And there I'll do some shopping of course! Hence, I thought about what should I buy for a new season and what should I not to buy. I mean not to buy, this is important, because usually when I see some beautiful and cool stuff, I don't even think about do I need it or not, I just buy the things, which are unnecessary for me. You know the feeling when you open your wardrobe and do some revision stuff and then you fing some stuff with labels even? I don't like this feeling, really. Because it means, that I am not strong enough to resist the charm of clothes or accessories which I don't need! Funny, heh. But, I am wise and rational person (well, at least I try to be) and therefore, I am making the list to see what do I really need and what are just the random items which I maybe want but do not need. Okay, enough bullshiting. You want some pictures guys, yes? Yes. Okay, so here we go.

1. HIGH WAISTED DENIM SHORTS. No words even needed. This is classics, a must for a stylish lady to have a high-waisted item this season! And they make the legs to look longer, so what could be even better?

P.S. or not very denim:

2. TRANSPARENT OVERSIZED SHIRT. I love those looks of slim ladies with high waisted shorts/pants and a wide upper clothes. Very very nice look. I must get some nice oversized transparent summer-looking shirt!

3. SOMETHING FLORAL, WITH FLOWERS MOTIVE. I didn't like clothes with flowers motive before, but now I fell in love with it. J'adore flowers! They look so sweet and sunny in a warm period. Be sure to have something with flowers!

4. RAY BAN SUNGLASSES. Even I have lots of sun glasses, Wayfayer model is a must and I must get them this season. I think I prefer "Ray Ban clubmaster" sunglasses this time, but I think when I'll try them, my look will be like a stupid fly or my face will be distorted, so I will buy something with animal prints pattern. P.S. the last sunglasses are adorable, just don't know would this kind of glasses fit me.

5. Black skinny simple pants/jeans. I love the simple and not stodgy pants. I had perfect dark jeans, but now I need new ones, but it is so hard to find those perfect ones, I am searching for a year now, but all are not my style or not my size, because my legs are kind of long ones.. Hope I'll find my sweeties soon.

6. Over knee socks. They're atorable and they create a sexy - stylish look! I need them.

7. NUDE STUFF. I fell in love with this colour!

Hope that helps to prepare for a spring shopping!