I can smell the spring already

I am from Lithuania. Yes yes. And winters are quite harsh in here. Yes yes. But I love winters still. Oww yes. Buut, I love warmer climate as well. And after a couple of cold months, cordial coats, mild sweaters and furry gloves are already killing me. I want summer! Winter is very romantic, beautiful and sweet time, and skiing which I love is one of the benefits also. But imagine - sparkling tides of the sea, hot sand, sexy bodies, VS swimsuits, Pina Colada, freedom, denim jeans, tanned skin, BEAUTY everywhere around. Mmmmmmmmmm. I miss that. But guys, don't be sad, the time is running very rapidly, and you won't even notice, when the first blossoms will appear next to your sweet homies. So spring, you can come to us, we are waiting! P.S. I am very looking forward from my new readers, if any, and comments!


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