Welcome to the world of blogs

Hello everyone! This is another new blog in the huge world of them!  I am a young girl, interested in beauty, fashion, music and also in some different things about the nature and boys and life, which about I am going to write right here. I am often considering a lot of things which are happening around and sometimes I'll put them in this blog. I was reading the blogs of others for about 3 years, and when sometimes thinking - I would never write a blog, I am so simple and boring, no one will be interesting to read my blog. But ohh wow - today I was drinking Cappucino on the couch, listening to VH1 ,,Sexiest male singers" songs and watching through the window, where in my balcony around 20 birdies were pecking sunflowers. And then an idea came to my head - ''I have to start my blog". I don't give a sh*t whether somebody's reading it or not. If I have such a need to write it, I write it. So here we go. By the way, English is not my mother tongue, so it might be not an ideal one, but whatever. So guys, CONGRATULATIONS TO ME, this is my blog, and we will have a lot of fun right here!!


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Robin rašė...

Hi Calista,
Do not think that you and your life are boring, everyone's got something interesting :) And I wish you good luck and enjoy writing your blog!

Calista rašė...

Thanks, sweetie! ;)* I hope you'll enjoy reading it! :))